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Things I Did In Life Before Blogging: Production Designed and Art Directed Feature Films

In my decade-or-so in the local media industry, I had helmed six feature films - starting as an Art Director, and moving on up to the title of "Production Designer" as quickly. Funnily, in the Singaporean context, some folks in the industry think an A.D. held a position higher than a P.D. ("Director" sounds more lush than a "Designer" hahahaha).

So confusing were folks about the credit, I had also been introduced to students as a "Design Director" - a role that does not exist hahahaha or perhaps a literal mashup between a PD and an AD? :p

My Interior Design background helped me assess functional space management, while whatever TV-designing I had experienced helped in navigating the visual language of films, but least folks take for granted, the language of film is wholly different as well, and I meant the traditional feature-film-film, not digital cameras of these days. When "Check Gate" meant another step to the end of the shot, and …

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